International Seminar Explores Global Issues on Islamic Thought and Economic Development

London, January 22, 2024 – In a collaborative effort to address pressing global issues related to Islamic thought and economic development, the Muslim College, London, and the University of Darussalam Gontor successfully organized an international seminar at the Muslim College in London. The seminar, held on January 22, 2024, marked the implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed earlier between the University of Darussalam Gontor and the Muslim College, London.

Distinguished speakers from various institutions contributed their insights to the seminar, shedding light on the intricate intersection between Islamic thought and economic development. Among the notable speakers were Dr. Nur Hadi Ihsan, Deputy Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at UNIDA Gontor, Dr. Mohamad Latief, Dean of the Faculty of Humanity at UNIDA Gontor, and Dr. Syamsuri, Head of the Master’s program in Islamic Economic Law at UNIDA Gontor. Other contributors included Dr. Muhamad Shulthoni from the Islamic State University of Abdurrahman Wahid in Pekalongan, Maslia Qomar, Vice Rector for Partnership, Research, and Innovation at Cordova University, Dr. Daniar, Chairman of Trubus Iman Islamic Institution, Shaykh Dr. Mosa Alblezi, Director of the Muslim College, London, Dr Ibrahim Darwish, Lecturer of Islamic Thought at the Muslim College London, Shaykh Maruf Ahmed, Lecturer at The Muslim College London, and Professor Ronald Geaves, a visiting professor from Cardiff University.

Noteworthy attendees included members of the Gontor Family Association in the UK, such as Eko Nur Cahyo (also served as the moderator of the seminar), Royyan Ramdhani Djayusman, Muchammad Taufiq Affandi, and Patimah. Dr. Duna Izfanna, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Darunnajah University, and Helmy, an Indonesian diaspora in London, also participated in the enriching seminar.

The event culminated in the signing of several MoUs, strengthening collaborative efforts between the Muslim College, London, and Darunnajah University, Cordova University, and the Islamic State University of Abdurrahman Wahid. This collaborative initiative aims to foster academic and research partnerships to address the contemporary challenges faced by the Islamic world.

The seminar was a part of a broader program attended by UNIDA Gontor and its network in the UK. The week preceding the seminar saw the group participating in a one-week workshop on writing at Coventry University. The program was generously sponsored by Lazis Assalam Fil Alamin (ASFA).

A day before the international seminar at the Muslim College, London, two delegates, Dr. Akhmad Akbar Susamto and Dyah Titis Kusuma Wardani, Ph.D., represented the collaborative efforts in an international community service program at Glasgow. Their participation reflects the commitment to fostering intellectual exchanges and addressing global challenges through collaborative initiatives. (News: Eko Nur Cahyo, Royyan Ramdhani Djayusman, Imam Pamungkas, Muchammad Taufiq Affandi)

Ahmad Kali Akbar

Ahmad Kali Akbar