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At the time being, the undergraduate programs offered by UNIDA Gontor are nineteen departments of seven faculties which have been accredited by the National Accreditation Body of the Republic of Indonesia.

Master Program

Master program is aimed at creating Muslim scholars who have a comprehensive Islamic knowledge and civilization with reference to Islamic intellectual heritage

Doctoral Program

In this program, we put our effort to integrate moral and intellectual force so as to be able to contribute to the development of Islamic thought and civilization.

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Watch the vibrant life of our faculty and students, inside and outside the class, through the lens of our university YouTube channel which is ranked No. 1 in Indonesia, and No. 8 in the world (UniRank 2020).


Collaborative culture that encourages quality and meaningful innovative discoveries in the fields of religion, science and technology, economics, health based on maqashid sharia for the benefit of the people
Intellectual Property

Research in Science and Technology

Our interest in searching solutions to world problems leads us to some of the most thrilling findings

Research in Economics and Management

In collaboration with Indonesian Central Bank, we host a prestigious research centre International Centre for Awqaf Studies

Research on Religious Studies

Our research in religious studies is unique as it combines our comprehensive, unseparated understanding of science and religion.

Research on Health Science

We bring the treasure of Indonesian botanical diversity to the table of our laboratory and unveil God’s gift for our health


Get to know more closely the facilities that support students at the University of Darussalam Gontor


The house to a rich collection of books and learning materials.


Live in a value based environment.

Sport Facilities

From Pingpong, basketball, to Football Stadium

" The academic and non-academic activities in this campus could be maintained effectively due to the nature that the whole students and majority of the lecturers resided inside the integrated campus. "
Prof. Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, M.A
President of UNIDA Gontor


Undergraduate Program

Join one from eighteen programs that match your interest.


Be part of a dynamic research community at our master program


Join us building some of the most fundamental theories in civilization.

Living Wisdom

Enjoy a student life filled with the wisdom of life

at University of Darussalam Gontor

Islamization of Knowledge

University of Darussalam Gontor is striving to be a Centre of Excellence for the study of Islam in relation to the program of Islamization of contemporary knowledge

Boarding System

The system is designed specially to form educational environment where students could interact with teachers to inculcate their knowledge and experiences directly.

Life as "santri"

Since the academic and non academic activities are integrated in one system, the assessment of academic achievements of students is combined with that of non-academic achievements.


The primary task of Language Center is to maximinize the exploration and use of available resources in order to assist the students in mastering both Arabic and English, the main language of science and civilization

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