The Students of UNIDA Gontor belong not only to inland but some foreign countries, include: Australia, Turkey, France, and South East Asian Countries. At the time being, the undergraduate programs offered by UNIDA Gontor are eighteen departments of seven faculties which have been accredited by the National Accreditation Body of the Republic of Indonesia.


Being a part of Religious Education Institution, named Pondok Pesantren, UNIDA Gontor adopt boarding system. This is typical of Pesantren system of education and therefore the students are under the guardian of the Head of Pesantren, usually called Kyai (religious leader). In this case, the guardian of UNIDA Gontor students are Dr. KH. Abdullah Syukri and KH. Hasan Abdullah Sahal, assisted by Deputy Rector of Student Affairs.


UNIDA Gontor is widely known as the only private Islamic institution of higher learning in Indonesia that since its inception has adopted Arabic and English both as the medium of instruction  and communication. UNIDA Gontor has also adopted a total boarding system where the mosque, hostel, lecture rooms, library, laboratories, sport-ground, lecturer houses ect. inside the campus, thereby creating an environment conducive for intensive learning and interaction between students and lecturers.


In order to create a conducive campus atmosphere, UNIDA Gontor supports academic and non- academic activities organized by students.