Centre of Islamic Economics Studies

There is an increasing need for Syariah economics institution in Muslim world. To meet this need, some countries that are members of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation established Islamic Development Bank in 1975. In academic world, the establishment of the bank necessitates further development of theories and concepts of Islamic economics because many Islamic economics institutions faced theoretical and conceptual problems. In this context, higher education institutions can play their role in developing those theories and concepts.
Centre of Islamic Economics Studies (CIES) which was established in 23 December 2020/8 Jumadal Ula 1442 with Rector Decree Number 2192/UNIDA/R-e/V/1442 is UNIDA Gontor’s initiative to contribute to the development of Islamic economics theories and concepts. Experts and scholars who join the centre share the same vision to build the civilisation of Islamic economics as an endeavour to realise the welfare of the ummah (Muslim society).

There are four strategic goals of the centre:

Implementing Islamic worldview in Islamic economics studies

Developing curriculum design for economics and Syariah studies


Improving the quality of literacy through research activities and community outreach

Prof. Abdul Ghafar Ismail : "Apakah Indonesia Hanya Menjadi Konsumer atau Produser dalam Ekonomi Syariah Global?"

Organising various programs to enhance the expertise in economics and Syariah