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Arabic Language

The department of Arabic language teaching is part of the faculty of Islamic education to develop the Arabic language and its teaching method. The initiation of this depart¬ment is based on the Decree of the Ministry of Religious Affairs the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, No: Dj. II/281/03. Since then this department has carried out the three points of University obligation. At the time being, this department has been accredited in grade A, by the National Accreditation Board under its decree No: 197/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/IX/2013


Based on the fact that the depart¬ment has been accredited in the grade A, under the decree of BAN PT, this department has its own distinction. The curriculum has been designed to produce an expert in Arabic language both in speaking as well as writing skill. So then, the graduates of this department may be employed in various educational institu¬tions to teach as well as to be consultant in Arabic language. Furthermore, at the time being the Arabic language becomes the formal language of United Nations, then opens an opportunity for the grad¬uates of this department to play their roles in international level

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