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Imam Zarkasyi’s Modernization of Pesantren in Indonesia

This paper identifies that the educational thought and experiences of Imam Zarkasyi as well as his religious inclination played an important role in his modernization of pesantren. The research also found that Imam Zarkasyi’s thought and practices in modernizing Pesantren system started from his serious observation and evaluation as well as his appreciation of traditional pesantren and madrasah system of education.

Modern Pondok Pesantren: Maintaining Tradition in Modern System

Pondok pesantren is a renown Islamic education system that generally categorized as traditional system. However, there were tendencies of certain pondok pesantren that developed their system from traditional into modern system of education. Here, it may be classified that pondok pesantren have two systems of education: traditional and modern.

The Efficacy of Boarding System University in Producing Competent Graduates for the Era of Industry 4.0,

The era of disruption has brought about a change in the competencies of university graduates. According to the World Economic Forum 2016, there are ten competencies. This study aims to examine the extent to which the University of Darussalam Gontor (UNIDA) with its boarding system inculcates the ten competencies to its students.

Developing Management Standard Based on Islamic Values

Gontor exists and gradually develops with its own unique management system. The study suggests that Gontor has its own standards which are mainly based on Islamic values. Indeed, there are a lot of values, but basically they can be simplified into the five spirits of Pondok Pesantren namely sincerity, simplicity, self reliance, Islamic brotherhood, and freedom.

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