Universitas Darussalam Gontor

Vision & Mission


To be a qualified university that integrates science and technology and humanities into Islamic sciences and maintains the modern development.



  • To carry out the activities of higher learning in order to develop science, technology, humanities from the Islamic perspective to respond the global challenges.
  • To play an important role in developing science, technology, and arts through research and social services in order to develop Islamic civilization for the welfare of Ummah and the nation of Indonesia.


  • To produce pious Muslim, who has noble character and wide knowledge and has capability to deepen and develop his knowledge creatively and innovatively to solve the problems of Ummah and the nation, so then ready to compete through the program of diploma, bachelor, master and profession nationally and internationally.
  • To be the center of scientific development, technology and arts based on Islamic values to respond the global challenges.
  • To produce anticipative and adoptable research that is valuable for mankind in general in order to compete the future challenges.