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UNIDA Gontor’s Lecturer Presented His Research at The UKICIS and Doctrine-UK Scholarly Meeting With Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly

On Monday, 30 May 2022, Eko Nur Cahyo, a lecturer at the Law of Islamic Economics Department of UNIDA Gontor, who is currently studying in the doctoral program in the UK, had the opportunity to present his research on Waqf-based cooperatives in the UKICIS (UK-Indonesia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Sciences) and Doctrine- UK (Doctoral Epistemic of Indonesia in the United Kingdom) scholarly meeting with Prof. Dr Syarif Hasan, MM., MBA, Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly, and also the former Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs.

In this occasion, Prof Syarif was accompanied by a team from Jakarta who intended to discuss on the development of the economy of Indonesia, particularly the cooperatives and small and medium enterprises, with audiences of academics, researchers, and several lecturers at the University of Nottingham. He suggested that all participants, especially students, conduct research that will positively contribute to the development of science and technology in our country. In addition, he supported those postgraduate students should elevate their scientific capacities and insights based on their fields and create networking with the UK’s academicians to pave away the opportunity to build cooperation between Indonesia and the UK.

Two doctoral students and a postdoctoral student have presented their current research were: Eko Nur Cahyo (PhD researcher at Coventry University, presented on Cooperative based Waqf Pesantren: Governance and Sustainability); Bayu Sutanto (PhD researcher at Manchester University, talked about Engineering and Small Medium Enterprises); and Samuel Dimitri Widijatmoko, PhD (Postdoctoral researcher at School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham, has presented on generic medicine and technology). This program was successfully conducted with the hope that all students will be able to elevate their horizons and research capabilities for the development of Indonesia. [Au. Eko Nur Cahyo, M.Ec., Ed. M. Taufiq Affandi, M.Sc.]

Ahmad Kali Akbar

Ahmad Kali Akbar