Science and technology are necessary for the betterment of the quality of human life. Therefore, the Faculty of Science and Technology oriented towards the integration and balance of science, technology, humanity, and art. For undergraduate level, the curriculum is designed to enable students to master the basic of science and technology that can be directed towards productive activities and services of human needs. For the time being, the university of Darussalam Gontor offers only three departments namely Agrotechnology, Technology of Agricultural Industry (TAI), and Information Technology (IT).

Faculty Personnel
Dean : Dwi Rifianto, M.A.
Deputy Dean : Zainuddin Rusydie, M.Sc.
Head of Department of Agro-technology : Use Etika, M.M.A.
Head of Department of TAI : Slamet Purwanto, Bsc Agri, M.Sc.
Head of Department IT : Tri Ginanjar Laksana, M.Sc.