Humaniora-comunication-information The rapid development of sciences and technology in this era requires the availability of the educated and trained human resources who master that sciences and technology. In the increasingly complexity of social problem the department is opened to fulfil the need and aims at solving social problems that emerge from unorganized information and bad system of communication. The department focuses on studying communication between individuals, groups and society, either directly or indirectly using the latest technology. The teaching-learning strategy emphasize on the development of student mindset, outlook and skills so as to make students competent in public relations, broadcasting and journalistic field.


The curriculum in this department is designed in such a way the study of applied communication science is integrated with Islamic studies with special emphasis on Islamic social ethic. On that basis, the department could produce graduates who are faithful, devoted, highly competitive and high creativity.

Core Courses

Al-Quran and al-Hadith on Communication, History of Communication in Islam, Journalism, Communication Technology, Television and Radio Broadcasting Production, Public Relation, Photography, Advertising.


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