Health science is an applied science that  deals with human and animal health. It includes the study and research on the biological functions of humans and animals, to improve the health and to cure the disease. The main areas of research are biology, chemistry, and physics; while the complementary subject is social sciences such as medical sociology. These fields of study is supported by and related to science of biochemistry, biotechnology, epidemiology, genetics, nursing, pharmacology, pharmacy, public health and medicine. For the time being the Faculty of Health Sciences University of Darussalam offer only three departments: Pharmacy, Nutrition, Occupational Safety and Health. These three programs were selected due to the requirement of society.


Faculty Personnel

Dean                                                    :  Abdul Ghofir, MD.

Vice Dean                                           : Ruskiah Octavia, (Dentist M.M).

Head of Department of Pharmacy      : Surya Amal, (B.Pharm., M.S.HS).

Head of Department of Nutrition       : Teguh Rubedo, (B.PH, M.S.HS).

Head of Department of OSH                         : Eka Rosanti, B.Sc., M.S.HS).