Department of Management

This department offered a curriculum of undergraduate programs to face rapid growth and development of the business in a global world by emphasising on creative and applicable learning process. Its educational process emphasizes on the integration of science of business management, inculcation of soft skills and social consciousness rooted in the Islamic perspective. Based on belief, knowledge, good deeds, this department also emphasizes on three important aspects, namely the basic concepts of management science, entrepreneurial character and dedication to the community in order to reach the prosperity. It is during the period of four year and within the environment of university boarding system that students’ entrepreneurship mentality is shaped and developed.



This department has the tagline The Wise Character Entrepreneur. Therefore, the lectures system is designed to form a manager, business, and management experts with strong character who is able to face global competition. Moreover, the mastery of Arabic and English language are important tools for studying Islamic Management Science and Modern Management Science.


Core Courses

Worldview of Islam, Qur’an and Management, Hadith (Prophetic Tradition) and Management, Management of Islamic Financial Institutions, Control Systems Management, Management of Public Sector, Management of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and International Business.


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