Various challenges of Muslim ummah in the past, present and future in all parts of life require responses based on the very foundation of Islam. The most basic and pivotal foundation of Islam is its concept of theology which is based on the principle of tawhid. Tawhid is not only the core of Islamic theology, but also the basis of ontology, cosmology and epistemology. The study of all those knowledge is available in faculty of Ushuluddin. This suggests the importance of the existence of this faculty for the study of the Islamic knowledge and even the study of other religions. Although the study of Islamic theology refers generally to classical thought, but –since it is needed to respond contemporary challenge– the faculty offers courses that refer to both classic and modern thought. The students learn not only Islamic thought from the scholars of the early period of Islam but also the thought of Muslim scholars in contemporary world. Having mastered foundational sciences of Islam, the students are required to develop Islamic knowledge and civilization simultaneously. The faculty that was established since the inception of the Institute in 1963 holds the mission of producing genuine Muslim scholars who are authoritative in their fields, capable of responding the challenge of the Muslim ummah by vindicating and spreading Islam in the society. For that purpose, the faculty offers three departments: Department of Comparative Study of Religions, Islamic Thought, and Tafsir, respectively.

Faculty Personnel                             

Dean                                                                            : Syamsul Hadi Untung, M.A., MLS.

Deputy Dean                                                               : Dr. M. Badrun Syahir, M.A.

Head Department of Comparative Study of Religion            : Ismail Abdullah Budi Prasetyo, M.A.

Head Department of Aqidah and Islamic Thought    : M. Adib Fuadi Nuriz, M.Phil.

Head Department of al-Qurán and Tafsir                   : Dr. Asif Trisnani, M.A.