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The Basic Values of Our Etiquette are Quran And Sunnah

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“Our etiquette is based on the Akhlaq al-Karimah that is sourced from Al-Quran and Sunnah, therefore if we hesitate to step or act stepping or acting, we can return to our basic etiquette values, namely Al-Quran and Sunnah,” said Al-Ustadz Dr. Setiawan Bin Lahuri, M.A., Vice Rector II in an explanation of the etiquette before the year-end holiday for students of University of Darussalam Gontor, Thursday night, April 2, 2020.

Among his other points are as follows:

  • If someone is younger than us, we must love them. And if someone is older than us, we must honor them;
  • If we happen to ride a motorcycle with our parent, we should hitchhike our parent;
  • If we are asked to drive a car with our parents despite being unable to drive, it would be better if sit next to them instead of sitting on the passengers’ seat. And it would be much better if we drive the car;
  • If we happen to walk with our parents, do not walk in front of them. Instead, walk behind them;
  • If there is someone who pays a visit to our house, we must be able to initiate the conversations. For instance, we could ask their condition, his well-being, et cetera. family, etc. (common questions);
  • Do not swarm around places that are prone to diseases;
  • Make the mosque a lively place (with tadarrus , jamaah prayers, Al-Quran recitals, etc.);

On that occasion, Al Ustadz Dr. Abdul Hafidz Zaid, M.A., Vice Rector III also delivered some important points. They are as follows.

  • Ar-Rohatu fii tabaaduli al-a’maal. Our Kyai KH. Hasan Abdullah Sahal, always states that day-off doesn’t exist in Gontor. What exists is moving from one job to another job;
  • Those who have leisure time are prone to being empty-minded. If the mind is empty, it will be occupied by satan;
  • There have been a number ofphenomena where a child loses theirrespect to their parents. Therefore, we must become a child who is always eager to please our parents with our good deeds;
  • Alm. Ustadz Nasrullah once said “it is the nature of parents to repeat telling the same stories. It his a child’s job to listen whatever their parents are talking about. It’s a wonderful moment.”
  • Assumtu hikmatun wa qolilun faa’iluhu. If we have little knowledge about something, it would better if stay silent. It is because there are so many people out there who are more knowledgeable, who understand better, and who have rights to to give answers to those questions.

Based on the explanation about etiquettes aforementioned above, students are expected to behave better during their holidays in their respective areas. [reporter: Zukhrufi Izza/Ed.: M. Taufiq Affandi, Faqih Nidzom/Photo: Ikliul Faiz / English Translator: Nuruzzaman, English Editor: Nurrahma]

photo source: pixabay

Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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