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Al-Quran and

Tafsir is one of the most important subjects in Islamic studies, because of the Quránic position as the main source of knowledge in Islam. Therefore, this department is es¬tablished to produce muslim intellectuals who are conversant of science of the Qurán, methodology of interpretation as well as its challenge. The mastery of the science of the Qurán is considerably important for explicating the position of the Qurán as an au¬thentic divine revelation, while comprehending of methodology is required to put the function of the Qurán as the guidance for the resolving scientific and social problem in Islam. In addition, recognizing the challenge of the science of Tafsir is needed to en¬able the muslim scholars in this field to respond it critically and creatively. To achieve the forgoing objective, the curriculum of this program is constructed with the concen¬tration of Quránic science, methodology of Tafsir and the challenge of the science of Tafsir, with some additional subjects required by the university and faculty.


The designed curriculum in this de¬partment provides the students and graduates to have the academic skills in mastering the theory and the concept of paradigms, methods, approaches, and patterns of interpretation that in line with the tradition of the mufassirun.

Core course

"A person's behavior, character, and attitude to life are related to his faith in God. The higher a person's faith, the better his behavior, character and attitude in life"
Rector UNIDA Gontor