Universitas Darussalam Gontor

Students Organization (en)

In order to create a conducive campus atmosphere, UNIDA Gontor supports academic and non- academic activities organized by students.

UNIDA Gontor - Kegiatan Mahasiswa - Basket


Research and Social Service Department

This Departement undertakes various routine activities to develop the student skills, such as religious speech presentation through Suara Gontor Radio, teaching Al-Quran, intensive study week, spiritual enhancement, and seminars.

Publication Department

The Students Union regularly publishes magazine, bulletin, and pamphlets such as Himmah, Pusaka, Lentera, Risalah Dakwah, Tajdid, Nahdhah, and . The purpose of thes activities is to develop the students’ writing and publishing skills.

Scout Movement

Routine activities organized by this department include training on scouting, camping, and hiking.

Sport Department

Sport facilities are provided for the following games: basket ball, badminton, takraw ball, volley ball, table-tennis, and martial arts. The department is responsible for the management of sport activities both inside and outside the campus.

Arts Department

In order to develop creative skill and art appreciation, UNIDA Gontor organizes various lessons and shows such as martial art, theater, and the art of al-Qur’an recitation.