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Strengthening Collaborative Works, IIKV and UNIDA Gontor Agreed on Some Important Projects

UNIDA Gontor visit to IIKV Turkey

Dr. Said Yüce, the director of Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture (IIKV) is impressed with UNIDA Gontor’s large and strong network. Therefore, he is pleased to be a part of UNIDA Gontor’s network and looking forward to being involved in collaborative works. He also commits to continue his support for Nursi Corner at UNIDA Gontor. This was stated by Dr. Said Yüce during the visit of UNIDA Gontor delegates to IIKV office on Monday, 1 November 2021.

Further, Dr. Yüce said that IIKV and UNIDA Gontor share the same vision in islamization of knowledge. Therefore, both universities agreed to organize some collaborative projects including students and academic staff exchange, joint research and publication, joint seminar, workshops, and other educational programs.

UNIDA Gontor delegates who visited IIKV are Prof. Dr. K.H. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.A.Ed., M.Phil. (Rector), Dr. Khoirul Umam, M.Ec. (Vice-Rector for Cooperation, Research, Community Service and Alumni), Syahruddin, M.Sc.Fin. (Director of International Centre for Awqaf Studies, UNIDA Gontor), Muchammad Taufiq Affandi, M.Sc (CFO, UNIDA Gontor Islamic Microfinance), Elizabeth Diana Dewi, M.I.R. (Indonesian Consul in Istanbul), Dr Henri Shalahuddin, and some alumni of Gontor who currently study at Turkey. Meanwhile, IIKV representatives who welcomed UNIDA Gontor delegates are Dr, Said Yüce (the director of IIKV) and Dr. Arif (the academic coordinator of IIKV).

This visit is a part of UNIDA Gontor’s initiatives in strengthening its international networks.

ahmad saifulloh

ahmad saifulloh

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