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Rector of UNIDA Gontor officially Opens 1439-1440 New Academic Year

UNIDA GONTOR-Saturday, June 25th 2018 marked the end of year-end holiday for all students of University of Darussalam (UNIDA) Gontor as well as the beginning of 1349-1440 H/ 2018-2019 M new academic year. The ceremony was held solemnly in front of the main building of UNIDA Gontor.

The event was started with a reception from Rector of University of Darussalam (UNIDA) Gontor Prof. Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, M.A. He said, “Praise be upon Allah that this new academic year is held on time. We do not only thank Allah for the increase in the number of students in this academic year but also for the trust the society has put on us. One of which is the fact that all 6 Islamic studies departments obtained an A for the accreditation. In addition, we need to deliver our gratitude as well since Occupational Safety and Health department which has not had graduates obtained B for their accreditation compared to several famous state universities which obtained C for accreditation.

Further, Prof. Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, M.A. added that InshaAllah this July 22nd – 23rd 2018 UNIDA Gontor will hold an International Conference of Afro-Asian University Forum attended by professors from several Asia and Africa countries.

Rector of UNIDA Gontor added that UNIDA Gontor will build students’ dormitory on the eastern part of the old students’ dormitory. Besides, the university will also build International Center of Auqof Studies (ICAS) building which is incorporation with Bank Indonesia (BI). It will become the one and only waqf magister program in the world.

The event was continued by the reception from Vice Rector I of UNIDA Gontor, Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.Ed. M.Phil. He advised all students that his success in learning was started from serious internal intention to seek knowledge.

You have to start building your intention seriously. I believe that if you are not serious now you will not be serious later.”, he added.

Further, Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.Ed. M.Phil. added, “Undergraduate degree is one of the ladders of success for students’ future. After you finish your undergraduate degree, you can easily pursue graduate programs since there are many available scholarships abroad for master’s and doctoral programs.”

The Vice Rector I of UNIDA Gontor who is also the son of one of the late founders of Modern Islamic Institution Darussalam Gontor (PMDG) explained that UNIDA Gontor is a pesantren-based university whose activities are both academic and non-academic. Both activities would support students’ success in the future since academic activities are needed to support students’ activities in organization or extracurricular programs. Hopefully, these activities would enhance students’ knowledge and experiences. [H. Wafi/Ed. Indra. Trans.: Eka/Ed. Nur]

Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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