Research Centres


Research Centres UNIDA Gontor

Centre for Islamic & Occidental Studies

Center for Excellence in Studying the Challenges of Contemporary Islamic Thought and Civilization

Centre of Economic Studies

Center of Excellence in the Development of Islamic Economics Integrated with the pesantren System

Center of Mawarits Studies

CMS (Centre for Mawarith Studies) - UNIDA Gontor.
Al-Mawarits Science Education Center and Al-Mawarits Science Cadreization Center in ASEAN

Center of Awqaf Studies

ICAST is a strategic attempt to revive such a waqf tradition through the modern method of education in response to current economic challenges.

Training for Young Ulama

Intensive Program that seeks to build Muslim scholars who are able to master contemporary problems. held by UNIDA Gontor in collaboration with the Indonesian Ulema Council and YSDF

Language Center

The primary task of Language Center is to maximinize the exploration and use of available resources in order to assist the students in mastering both Arabic and English, the main language of science and civilization

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