The establishment of postgraduate program at University of Darussalam is part of ideal visions of the founding fathers of Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor. The vision of the founders was vividly expressed in the Declaration of Waqf (1958) that this education institution should be developed into qualified and meaningful university. This vision had been realized in 1963 by setting up Institute of Education Darussalam, later it is called Institute of Islamic Studies Darussalam. However, until the death of the three founders (the last one was in 1985) their vision to establish a university in the real sense of the words had not been realized yet. It was by the second generation that the step towards the establishment of university is started. First by establishing postgraduate program in 2010 and then by converting the institute into university in 2014.

Being part of the system of Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor, postgraduate program is employing boarding system of education like the secondary and undergraduate level. Students have to live in the dormitories spending most of their time for study under the supervision of lecturers who live in the same campus.

Initially, postgraduate program was a Training Program for Muslim Scholars (Program Kaderisasi Ulama (PKU). The training program was held by UNIDA Gontor in cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI). However, since it was a training for those who hold BA degree, its curriculum is regarded as equal to the first semester of postgraduate program. Therefore, those who has successfully completed their training are eligible for postgraduate program. It was after that time that postgraduate program is open for the graduate of the training. The program was officially opened with the issuance of the decision of the Director General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number: Dj.I / 267/2010. For the time being, this Postgraduate Program has two departments namely Islamic Theology and Arabic Language. In the near future, the department of Islamic Economic Law will be established.

To be a Centre of Excellence for the study of Islam in relation to the program of Islamization of contemporary knowledge.


  • To create Muslim scholars who have a comprehensive Islamic knowledge and civilization with reference to Islamic intellectual heritage so as to be able to comprehend, criticize and select other civilization.
  • To produce Muslim scholars who have competency of carrying out the process of integration and Islamization of contemporary knowledge, individually or collectively by collaborating with experts of various disciplines, according to the present need of the Muslim ummah.
  • To provide Muslim scholars who can integrate their moral and intellectual force so as to be able to play their contributive role for the development of Islamic thought and civilization.


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