English Camp program will be held at UNIDA Gontor in this coming Ramadhan. “English Camp is opened for public and focuses on the improvement of English intensively for 24 hours”, stated by Dr. Abdul Hafidz Zaid, M.A, Head of Language Center of UNIDA Gontor. The program which is held by Language Center of UNIDA Gontor is incorporation with Students Association for Language Development, henceforth SALD, (Komunitas Pengembangan Bahasa Inggris).

The event is scheduled to be held for 20 days for secondary or college students aged 13-22 years old. “The subjects which will be taught are speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, and will be completed by debate and speech trainings. The materials are delivered in fun ways, either indoor or outdoor and by using educational games which motivate students in improving their English,” stated by Nurrahma, an instructor of English Camp and an English lecturer of UNIDA Gontor who is a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holder in English Language Teaching.

Using a theme “Experience the Wisdom of Learning English”, the students will experience the peacefulness of living at pesantren intensively trained by experienced English Language Teaching lecturers of UNIDA Gontor. The program is a part of Kampung Ramadhan UNIDA Gontor (KRU) which is held annually at UNIDA Gontor.

During the program, the students will experience intensive training by committees who will be standby for 24 hours in order to create a conducive environment for learning and practicing their English skill.

The target is for the participants to speak and write fluently after participating in the event. The program will start on 2nd to 21st of Ramadhan and took place at the main campus of University of Darussalam Gontor. [Tabarokal / Ed. Taufiq]

Registration information:

Contact Person: 081283885469 (Fazrul Rahman)

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