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Minister of Foreign Mrs. Retno Marsudi: “I Want to Visit Gontor”

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UNIDA Gontor Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Retno Marsudi said that she wants to visit Gontor. She delivered her interest to Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi when they met in Bogor. Meanwhile, Mrs. Retno’s interest will come true at the biggest meeting attended by Afro-Asia’s rectors and scholars: Afro-Asia University Forum (AAUF) in which UNIDA Gontor will host.

The latest information we received from her staff saying that Mrs. Retno will open the conference held on 22 July 2018 at the Meeting Hall of Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution (BPPM Gontor),” as stated by Dr. Abdul Hafidz Zaid, Vice Rector III of UNIDA Gontor who is also serving as Head of Conference Committee.

He added that the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is extremely important since UNIDA Gontor has considerable networks in Indonesia and overseas. Therefore, it is expected that it will be influential to Indonesia’s diplomacy with other countries.

At the time being, there are 12 overseas universities which have confirmed their participation in the third AAUF Conference hosted by UNIDA Gontor. Two previous conferences have already been held in Pakistan. Meanwhile, several universities which will participate in the conference are King Faisal University in Chad, Pathoni University (Thailand), Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (Brunei Darussalam), and Islamic University of Tartastan (Russia). [Rivaldo / Ed. Taufiq / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]

Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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