Universitas Darussalam Gontor

Master Program Arabic Language Teaching

The department of Arabic Language Teaching as a part of postgraduate program prioritizes on constructing modern teaching Arabic methods and systems for non-native speakers. This prototype are principally aim to yield graduates with capabilities in both Arabic Grammar and skills which are fundamentally significant for teaching Arabic. This well-balanced system is considered as the required way out to Arabic leaners in this country in which the majority of the Arabic teaching systems and methods are applied for the sake of mastering Arabic grammars instead of Arabic language skills. Therefore, this department focuses on researches to discover an appropriate and effective formulas for Arabic Teaching system and methods for non-Arab. In addition, the Arabic Teaching Department as the sole provider of the university pesahtren life system in this country also offers intra, extra, and co-curricular programs that can open many doors to student’s potential, intellectually. mentally, and spiritually.


Becoming the centre of excellences in teaching Arabic language with university boarding system in 2023


At this department, students will learn Arabic subjects offered by and put them at the centre of learning process with an engaging approach to big and small group teaching. The core subjects are:

Error and comparative analysis in Arabic Language

Modern Linguistics and its Application to Arabic Language Teaching

The science of interpretation

The history of Arabic Literature

The development of the Arabic teaching methods for non-native speakers

Design of Language proficiency test

Arabic language curriculum for non-native speakers

The construction of Arabic language curriculum for non-native speak

Teaching Arabic Language for intermediate level

The Science of Language

Psycho and Socio linguistics

Lexicology and lexicography