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Marotil Qur’an: Silaturrahim between UNIDA Gontor and its guided TPA

Marotil Qur'an 1440 H, Sebagai Ajang Shilaturrahim Antar TPA Binaan UNIDA

UNIDA Gontor – In order to strengthen silaturrahim between UNIDA Gontor and its guided Al-Quran Learning Centre (TPA), University of Darussalam Gontor through the Community Service Center (held an annual competition. This year Marotil Qur’an (Mahrojaanu-l Aulad fi Roudhoh Li Tarbiyati-l Qur’an) was held at UNIDA Gontor Main Campus on Sunday, 5 Shafar 1440 which coincided with 14 October 2018. The event was directly opened by the Head of Community Service Center, Ustadz Noor Syahid, M.Pd.

The event was attended by 15 participants consisting of 14 TPAs ​​assisted by UNIDA and an external institution namely Slahung Islamic Center. This year, there are 16 contests in Marotil Qur’an such as Choir, Hadroh, Wall Chart, Fashion Show, Tahfidz, Tartil etc. The competitions ran well. Choirs and Hadroh which were performed at the main stage were stunning with a wide array of creativity and innovations. One of the new contests in this year Marotil Qur’an was Fashion Show Competition in which the contestants who are sholehah girls aged 5-7 years did not only have to do make up by themselves but also to speak in front of an adjudicator under the theme “Father and Mother”.

Beside being a means of silaturrahim between UNIDA Gontor and its guided TPA, Marotil Qur’an aims at improving camaraderie and enthusiasm among both UNIDA and local TPA instructors as well as students of each TPA. By participating in this event, it is expected that TPA students will be more enthusiastic in reciting Al-Qur’an and learning Islam in TPA in the future. [Fikrul / Ed. Iqbal / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]


Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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