As a form of response and responsibility of universities to institutional development and forms of business diversity in Indonesia, University of Daarussalam (UNIDA) Gontor is established an Islamic Economic Law Master Study Program. The rise of sharia business practices that are inseparable from the surface of new problems, arouse the Unida Gontor postgraduate program to become a role model in producing professionals, arbitrators, drafter contracts for sharia business and sharia compiliance with graduate qualifications that are able to handle the phenomenon of contemporary disputes with application – Islamic values comprehensively.

Vision :

To become a center of excellence in the study of Islamic economics based on the Islamization of contemporary science for the development of Islamic economic law at the international level in 2030.

Misions :

  1. Organizing education and lectures in the field of economic law that integrates science and Islam.
  2. Developing research and scientific studies based on scientific development of Islamic economic law as well as being a solution to the problems of contemporary economic law that is beneficial to humanity.
  3. Organizing Shari’ah economic law development programs as a form of community service consistently directed towards building a just and prosperous life order.
  4. Organizing cooperation in the development of sharia economic law both on a local, national and international scale.

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