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Karabük University interested to send its students for a summer course at UNIDA Gontor

ISTANBUL – Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, the rector of Karabük University (UNIKA), is interested to send his students to learn Arabic language at UNIDA Gontor for their summer course. Arabic Language Summer Course is among possible cooperation implementations that is discussed during UNIDA Gontor visit on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 to Karabuk University. Karabük University is among top 1000 universities in the world that currently become the university with the highest number of internatioal students in Turkey.

During the meeting at the office of the Rector, Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, the delegates of UNIDA Gontor were also welcomed by Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. İzzet Açar, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences Prof. Dr. Murat Şimşek, Secretary General Lütfü Köm, Director of Vocational School of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Saim Kayadibi, and accompanied by International Relations Office Coordinator Lect. See. Oya Çepni Önalan.

UNIDA Gontor delegates who visited Karabük University are Prof. Dr. K.H. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.A.Ed., M.Phil. (Rector), Dr. Khoirul Umam, M.Ec. (Vice-Rector for Cooperation, Research, Community Service and Alumni), Syahruddin, M.Sc.Fin. (Director of International Centre for Awqaf Studies, UNIDA Gontor), Muchammad Taufiq Affandi, M.Sc (CFO, UNIDA Gontor Islamic Microfinance), Dr Henri Shalahuddin (lecturer of UNIDA Gontor), and some Gontor alumni who currently study in Turkey.

During the meeting, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two universities to organize some joint projects, including student and academic staff exchange, joint research and publication, joint seminars, workshops and other educational programs.

Before the meeting with the Rector, the delegates of UNIDA Gontor also met the vice rector and some deans of the faculties at Karabük University and discussed some possible collaborations which will be carried out by the two universities. One of the important programs that will be implemented in the near future is the ‘Summer Course’ for students of Karabük University. Within this summer course, students of Karabük University will spend couple of months at UNIDA Gontor to learn Arabic Language, facilitated by UNIDA Gontor’s Language Centre.

Some officials and deans who met and welcomed UNIDA Gontor delegates during this visit are Prof Dr Mustafa Yaşar (Vice Rector), Prof. Dr. Elif ÇEPNİ (Faculty of Business), Prof. Dr. Murat Şimşek (Faculty of Islamic Science), Prof. Dr. Mehmet Melih SUNAY (Faculty of Medicine), Prof. Dr. Gülay Bulut (Faculty of Health Science), Prof. Dr. Fatih Bayram (Faculty of Communication), Prof. Dr. Yasin ARSLAN (Faculty of Science), and Prof. Dr. Muhammed Kayfeci (Faculty of Technology), Director of Social Sciences Vocational School Prof. Dr. Saim Kayadibi, and International Relations Office Coordinator Lect. See. Oya Çepni Önalan.

Collaborating in research with Karabük University is essential for UNIDA Gontor since Karabuk University hosts some prominent research centers including the following research centers:

Experimental Medicine Research and Application Center
Energy and Environmental Technology Department
Education for People with Disabilities Research and Application Center
Traditional and Complementary Medical Practices and Research Center
Occupational Health and Safety Research and Application Center
Robot Technology Research and Application Center
Renewable Energy Engineering Institute

Karabük University is also special since its Safranbolu Faculty of Tourism manages hotels in Safranbolu, one of UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The delegates were also given chance to experience staying at those classic, historical, and comfortable hotels.

During the visit, UNIDA Gontor delegates also had chance to meet Indonesian students who currently studying at Karabuk University. Some of those students are alumni of Gontor. The students expressed their gratitude for being able to study at Karabuk University with its prominent scholars, state-of-art facilities and world class education.

[Ahmad Saifulloh & M. Taufiq Affandi]

[Photos by Karabuk University]

ahmad saifulloh

ahmad saifulloh

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