K.H. Hasan Abdullah Sahal: “Get More Blessings in Ramadhan  by Participating in Various Activities”

K.H. Hasan Abdullah Sahal: “Get More Blessings in Ramadhan by Participating in Various Activities”

UNIDAGontor– “Get more blessings in Ramadhan by participating in various activities, Baraktu mina assama’I wal ardhi. Do charities and you will get more blessings”, stated by the Leader of Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution (PMDG) K.H. Hasan Abdullah Sahal during the opening ceremony of Kampung Ramadhan UNIDA (KRU) 2018 at Jami’ Mosque of University of Darussalam (UNIDA) Gontor on Thursday, May, 17th 2018.

The opening ceremony of Kampung Ramadhan UNIDA (KRU) 2018 was attended by the Rector of UNIDA Gontor Prof. Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, M.A., the Vice Rector II Dr. Setiawan bin Lahuri, the Vice Rector III Dr. Abdul Hafidz Zaid, M.A., the Head of Graduate Program in Aqeedah and Islamic Thought Department Dr. M. Kholid Muslih, M.A., students of International Islamic University Malaysia (KUIS) and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) who were participating in the Arabic observing program, and local residents who were 350 people in total.

The theme for this-year KRU UNIDA is “The Preservation of Accelerative and Collaborative Islamic Culture to Create Noble Indonesia”. Meanwhile, the activities in this KRU program are Arabic Camp, Quranic Camp, Muqram (Muqim Ramadhan), Festival Anak Kampung Ramadhan (KRU for Children). Quranic Camp is an intensive program of UNIDA Quran Bureau (Markaz Al Quran) which targets the students to recite five juz in ten days, and English Camp as the newest program of this-year KRU.

Meanwhile, Menanti Indah Datangnya Berkah (INDAH) is an event which consists of lectures held every evening close to iftar. It invited several national figures including Dr. Hidayat Nurwahid, M.A. dan Prof. Dr. Dien Syamsuddin, M.A.

The Rector of UNIDA Gontor delivered his gratitude on Ramadhan this year by saying, “we are grateful that this year, Ramadhan is being held concurrently by Muhammadiyah, Nahdlatul Ulama as well as the government (The Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia). This occasion shows that Allah the Almighty pours His blessing towards Indonesian Muslims”.

Prof. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi added, “We thank the committees who have held the events enthusiastically. For your information, there is no holiday at UNIDA Gontor. Therefore, we need to deliver our gratitude to have several activities in Ramadhan since it is a productive month to do good deeds.” [H. Wafi- Ed. Indra / Trans.: Eka – Ed. Nurrahma]

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