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Academic atmosphere is one of the keys that can power the scientific wheels in an educational institution, especially university. A university that has a good and sound scholarly culture will easily yield a variety of inventions and innovations that can be beneficial, not only for the institution but also for other communities.

But, how can we establish an academic atmosphere? According to Dr. Muhammad Ridlo Zarkasyi in a paper entitled “Establishing Academic Atmosphere on Pesantren-based University”, establishing academic atmosphere is not much different from establishing organization culture. There are six steps that must be followed: 1) Evaluate the organization situation and determine strategic objectives and directions; 2) Analyze existing cultures and create the desired cultural patterns; 3) Analyze the gap between what’s available and what’s needed.

After implementing these three steps, then the further steps are: 4) Develop a cultural development plan; 5) Execute the plan; 6) Evaluate new changes and efforts to be integrated into the steps to sustain the cultural change.

According to him, steps in establishing and maintaining academic atmosphere can be upheld by several programs, namely: the change in recruitment procedures and selections, a new concept of socialization and training programs, and appropriate-effective performance assessment systems. It can be strengthened more by using leadership that communicates the cultural values of speech, action, and financial arrangements.

Establishing academic atmosphere, as it builds a sturdy construction, requires well-thought planning, cautious implementation, and suitable time allocation to match the complexity of the design. For any educational institution that wants to make academic contribution to the order of world civilization, the six steps aforementioned above are worth- implementing.

Author: M. Taufiq Affandi / Editor: Wafi / Translator: M. Nuruzzaman / English Editor: Nurrahma Sutisna Putri

This article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia: Bagaimana Cara Membangun Budaya Akademik?

Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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