Faculty of Shari’ah (en)

The Faculty was established in 1990, about three decades after the establishment of Darussalam Institute of Islamic Studies. The rationale for its inception is to respond the growing need of Indonesian Muslims towards the knowledge of Shariah. There are number of problems faced by Muslims society that require the mastery of shariah law either at the level of Islamic court or at the society. The development of the studies of Islamic economics and bank in some countries justified the importance and relevance of shariah. Now, the relevance of this faculty becomes significant when the discourse on Islamic Economics and Laws flourished in various universities in the world, especially in the Muslim worlds. That is why the study of shariah, especially on muamalah (Islamic Economics and Laws) grows very rapidly.



Dean : Dr. Imam Kamaluddin, Lc., M.Hum.

Deputy Dean : Imam Iskarom, Lc., M.Ag.

Head Dept. of Comparative Islamic Law : Iman Nur Hidayat, M.A.

Head Dept. of Islamic Economics Laws : Muqorrobin, M.A.