The department of Islamic Education emphasizes the study on the subject of Islamic education as well as Islamic Studies, which actualized in the integrated and comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum combines the scientific and spiritual tradition through dzikir, thought and sport which carried out inside the integrated campus to implement the balance of the study on the Islamic studies and education, so then it may produce an expert who possesses the integrated subject of Islamic studies and education.



The large networking of Gontor Modern Integrated Islamic Institution is among the distinctions of this department. This networking can be in the form of educational institution from the preschool up to the university level including the Islamic boarding schools of Gontor alumni. Through this network, the students will have wider chance to gain expertise in the field of education


Core Course

  • Islamic Philosophy of Education
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Andragogyc
  • Comparative study of Education
  • Technology of Education
  • Planning of Islamic Education System
  • Memorizing Al-Quran


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