Faculty of Islamic Education (en)

Education is one of the most important fields in the history of scientific development in Islam. It was through education that knowledge in Islam flourished and declined. For this reason, UNIDA Gontor from its inception had already realised the importance of the Faculty of Islamic Education (Tarbiyah). As the vital medium of knowledge development in Islam, it is imperative that education should be continuously developed, its method, strategy, system or institutional structure. Therefore, the faculty provides knowledge of Islamic and language education as well as pedagogy. The mission of the faculty is to produce the broadminded Muslim scholars and educators who are conversant of not only the knowledge of education but also that of Islam, so that they are capable of responding the challenge of secular Western education that promote the principle of dichotomy between religion and rational knowledge. Practically, the faculty provides various supporting facilities fror the application of knowledge they learned by teaching practice. The faculty has two departments: Islamic Education and Arabic Language Teaching.


Dean : Dr. Imam Bahroni, M.A. MLS.
Deputy Dean : Heru Saiful Anwar, M.A.
Head of Islamic Education : Agus Budiman, M.Pd.
Head of Arabic Language Teaching : Alif Cahya Setiadi, M.A.

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