Universitas Darussalam Gontor

Doctoral Program in Aqidah & Islamic Philosophy

In line with UNIDA’s vision and mission, the civitas academica of the Doctoral Program established a set goals and guiding pinciples as follows:


To become an excellent and leading Doctoral Program in the development of Islamic Aqidah and Philosophy as the basis for the Islamization of contemporary knowledge and play a constructive role in addressing global challenges at both national and international levels by 2030



To train young scholars who are conversant with Islamic intellectual heritage and various aspects of Islamic civilization, and who are adept to delve into the intricacies of Islamic though while simultaneously at home with contemporary ideas, technologies and socioeconomic thought and institutions of today.

To produce competent scholars who can integrate religion with science and technology to develop a civilization based on tawhidic worldview both individually and collectively by collaborating with experts of various disciplines, according to the present need of the Muslim ummah. .

To provide the Muslim Ummah with scholars who are intellectually competent and morally upright so as to be able to play their role in the development of Islamic thought and civilization.