UNIDA Gontor - kuliah pasca-Postgraduate

This department is developing the study of Ushuluddin as the basis of integration of sciences, as well as the theological-metaphysical basis in the development of science. The study of Islamic theology is, therefore, not necessarily doctrinaire or based on merely revelation (naqli), but also on reason (aqli). In the contemporary context, Islamic theological studies should be connected with sciences, for in Islamic theology, which is rational in nature, consists of scientific aspects, while in Islamic sciences there are theological aspects. So, in this department, theology is studied systematically with reference to Islamic intellectual tradition since the Prophet era by referring to classical books (turath), so as to make student understand some pivotal concepts in Islamic worldview. In addition, theology is also studied within the context of the development of contemporary knowledge, so that student knowledge of theology could become scientifically functional. This implies that by studying Islamic theology, hopefully the students are able not only to respond critically the challenge of Islamic thought of foreign concept and ideas, but also to select, adapt, integrate to the ambience of Islamic thought and finally Islamize those concepts. In other words, the Department of Islamic Theology develops Islamic theology as the basis of sciences integration and as the theological-metaphysical basis for developing science.

Core Courses

Worldview of Islam, Islamic Theology, Tauhid and Islamic Civilization, Islamic Philosophy, Integration of Aqidah and shariah, Aqidah and Akhlaq, Contemporary Issues on Kalam, Islamic Metaphysics, Aqidah and Science, Islam and Contemporary Ideology.


For more information, visit the department’s website: http://pps.unida.gontor.ac.id/aqidah-filsafat-islam/