Postgraduate-arabic teaching departmentArabic language education program is a field of study that is very necessary at this time because of the method and system of teaching Arabic in the Islamic world is not comparable with the method and system of teaching English. It is because the common method practiced until now is a method that is aimed at the mastery of rules of Arabic language grammar rather than the mastery of the Arabic language skills. Realizing the distinction between the teaching of Arabic language as a grammar, and as a skill, this department of Arabic Language for postgraduate program focuses on research to find out more effective formula for Arabic language teaching, hoping that the graduates of this program could participate in developing Arabic language teaching in Indonesia in particular and in the Muslim world in general.


Core Courses

The core subjects offered in this department are: Modern Linguistics and its Application to Arabic Language Teaching, The Practice of Teaching Arabic Language and Experimental Studies, The Science of Language, Physco-socio Linguistics, Management of Arabic Language Teaching Department, Arabic Language Methodology Development, Technique and Tools for Language Capability Test, Method of Arabic Language Teaching for Arabic and Non-Arabic.