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Darunnajah University Visit, Improving Teamwork with University of Darussalam Gontor

Ponorogo – Darussalam Gontor University receiving visitation from Darunnajah University at wednesday (20/7) Morning. Visitation to pay one’s respect done by Rank of Darunnajah University Rectorate alongside Chief of Department, Secretary, and Rank of Dean. They are received warmly by ‘The Fountain of Wisdom’ which is situated at Siman, Ponorogo

Session begin with welcoming speech by Rector of Darussalam Gontor University (UNIDA), Prof. Dr. K.H. Hamid Fahmi Zarkasyi, M.A.Ed., M.Phil. Continued with welcoming speech by Dr. Much. Hasan Darojat, M.A. as Rector of Darunnajah University, as beginning for paying respect in study with Darussalam Gontor University, Because Darunnajah University is ‘Min Abnai’ Gontor and for having diversity from universities in Jakarta.

Visitation to pay respect dan benchmarking was organized by Darunnajah University to Unida Gontor,
and also for update signature MoU and IA which has done before between Darussalam University and Darunnajah Higher Education School. This Visitation and benchmarking not solely for Rectorate of UNIDA but also for several other deans and Bureaus present in UNIDA
few can be taken as good example by Darunnajah UNiversity, such as: Secretariat, Internal Quality Development as well as External. Processing Academic and Unacademic Student as well as faculty especially in faculty of Education and Science Technology

Rector of Darunnajah University alongside his subordinates and Rector of Darussalam Gontor University alongside his subordinates/Photograph: Ahmad Ass’ari

The Session is attended by 23 people, consisting of 13 lecturers from Darussalam University,
including Rectorate, Prof. Dr. K.H. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.A.Ed., M.Phil, as rector of university,
Dr. Abdul Hafidz bin Zaid, M.A., as vice rector I, Dr. Setiawan bin Lahuri, M.A. as vice rector II, Dr. Khoirul Umam, M.Ec. as vice rector III. The other attending figure from Darussalam Gontor University are Head of University Secretary Section, Head of Academic Administration Bureau, Vice Director of Boarding School, Quality Assurer Agency, Dean of Education and Farming Industry technique Faculty.

Meanwhile, from Darunnajah University, consisting 10 people, namely rank of rectorate that is Dr. Much. Hasan Darojat, M.A., Vice Rector I that is M. Irfanuddin Kurniawan, M.Ag, Vice Rector II that is Samiyono, M.Pd, and Vice Rector III that is Hendro Risbiyantoro, M.S. Other than that, this visit was attended by Head of Academic Administration and Deans of Darunnajah University.

The visit began with benchmarking session with Rectorate of Darussalam University in Rectorate Meeting Room, discussing Darussalam Gontor University particularly at Boarding school based University organizing and Waqf. Continued with involved Directorate, Bureau and Faculty which can be taken as example by Darunnajah University in own office workgroup.

Signature or Benchmarking moment Jakarta Darunnajah University and DarussalmGonor University for Mou/Photograph: Ahmad Ass’ari

Through welcoming speech Rector of Darussalam Gontor University, Prof. Dr. K.H. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.A.Ed., M.Phil. Said, that “Darunnajah has come to the right place.”

“Our merit must be maintained. As such, merit will turn into power,” He continued. Meanwhile, Darussalam Gontor Univesity assert importance of MoU, and Quality Improvement in termof education until community dedication. Benchmarking continued with Directorate, Bureau and involved Faculty.

Ahmad Kali Akbar

Ahmad Kali Akbar