Karabük University interested to send its students for a summer course at UNIDA Gontor

ISTANBUL – Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, the rector of Karabük University (UNIKA), is interested to send his students to learn Arabic language at UNIDA Gontor for their summer course. Arabic Language Summer Course is among possible cooperation implementations that is discussed during UNIDA Gontor visit on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 to Karabuk University. Karabük University […]

IIKV Looks Forward to Welcoming UNIDA Gontor’s Visit

IIKV Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture

Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture (IIKV) looks forward to welcoming the visit of UNIDA Gontor’s rector and his team on November. This was stated by Prof. Said Yuce and Dr. Arif Ebcim who warmly welcomed Elizabeth Diana Dewi and Khotijahtus Sa’diyah on behalf of Indonesian Consulate General of the Republik of Indonesia in Istanbul […]

English Comprehensive Examination on Even Semester 1441-1442/2020-2021

UNIDA Gontor – English Comprehensive Examination on Even Semester 1441/1442 2020/2021 organized by Directorate of Language Development, University of Darussalam Gontor, Friday 2 Jumada Tsania 1442 / 15 January 2021. “Sharpening language skills for addressing the Islamic and global issues must be learners’ focus for their product knowledge today. Learning English is the key to […]

Utilization of the Biodiversity of Flora and Fauna for Cacao Plants (Theobroma cacao)


The biodiversity of flora and fauna on cacao farms includes many different types of species with various associated benefits. There are some organisms that engage in mutualistic relationships and others that are parasitic.  Biodiversity on a cacao farm is used to help improve the productivity of cacao pods. Some of the activities include fertilization, pollination, […]

A Selection of Outstanding Students 2020: Self-Test and Exploration of Potential

In the midst of this pandemic, Universitas Darussalam Gontor continues to move forward and work in synergy with the implementation of various academic and non-academic activities. On Wednesday, 7 October 2020, the first election for Pilmapres (A Selection of Outstanding Students) was held at the Main Building, Ponorogo. 29 student representatives from each study program […]

Want to succeed at social media marketing? Here’s how!

social media marketing success

Social media is a medium we use to socialize with other people. Since it exists online, we are able to interact with each other without being limited by space and time. If we are smart, then we can take advantage of social media to make our lives easier. For example, it can make it easier […]

How to Establish Academic Atmosphere?


Academic atmosphere is one of the keys that can power the scientific wheels in an educational institution, especially university. A university that has a good and sound scholarly culture will easily yield a variety of inventions and innovations that can be beneficial, not only for the institution but also for other communities. But, how can […]