A Selection of Outstanding Students 2020: Self-Test and Exploration of Potential

In the midst of this pandemic, Universitas Darussalam Gontor continues to move forward and work in synergy with the implementation of various academic and non-academic activities. On Wednesday, 7 October 2020, the first election for Pilmapres (A Selection of Outstanding Students) was held at the Main Building, Ponorogo. 29 student representatives from each study program […]

Want to succeed at social media marketing? Here’s how!

social media marketing success

Social media is a medium we use to socialize with other people. Since it exists online, we are able to interact with each other without being limited by space and time. If we are smart, then we can take advantage of social media to make our lives easier. For example, it can make it easier […]

How to Establish Academic Atmosphere?


Academic atmosphere is one of the keys that can power the scientific wheels in an educational institution, especially university. A university that has a good and sound scholarly culture will easily yield a variety of inventions and innovations that can be beneficial, not only for the institution but also for other communities. But, how can […]

Digging up the meaning of independence from the spirit of Gontor

By: M. Faqih Nidzom, M.Ag, Lecturer at Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy, Faculty of Usuluddin, University of Darussalam Gontor The value of freedom which is taught and practiced by Gontor, as is often delivered by our teachers and, to my understanding, has a high philosophical content and is in accordance with Islamic values. This spirit of […]

Probiotics: what do we actually know about them?


The appearance of the coronavirus pandemic has caused people to be more concerned with increasing their immunity by improving their diet, consuming probiotics, and exercising. Lately, probiotics are in demand more and more, but what do we actually know about them? What are probiotics? Medicine Net explains that the word probiotic is derived from two […]

Food and mood: consume this food to improve your mood

food and mood improve

Food and Mood, two words that are interconnected to each other. Your mood will affect the food you eat and that food will affect your mood. Often people say that when they are stressed or in a bad mood they will consume an excessive amount of food, or alternatively lose their appetite.1 Why is this […]

Kyai Syamsul Hadi Abdan Teaches Us Jiddiyyah Ethos

kiai syamsul hadi abdan gontor pesantren

Kyai Syamsul Hadi Abdan Teaches Us Jiddiyyah Ethos By: Muhammad Faqih Nidzom, alumni of Gontor Class of 2008, Lecturer of University of Darussalam Gontor The word jiddiyah, which means ‘determined or serious’, becomes one of many keywords of tausiyah by Our Father Al-Ustadz Syamsul Hadi Abdan -Allahu yarham- we will always remember . Every beginning […]

The Basic Values of Our Etiquette are Quran And Sunnah

value etiquette beach-15712_1280

“Our etiquette is based on the Akhlaq al-Karimah that is sourced from Al-Quran and Sunnah, therefore if we hesitate to step or act stepping or acting, we can return to our basic etiquette values, namely Al-Quran and Sunnah,” said Al-Ustadz Dr. Setiawan Bin Lahuri, M.A., Vice Rector II in an explanation of the etiquette before […]