Bureau of Academic Administrations and Student Affairs

This bureau is one of bureaus at UNIDA Gontor which has the main task to coordinate and manage the admin¬istration related to all academic activities. Its activities include the management of courses time table, ex¬aminations including thesis, comprehensive and lan-guage examination, as well as their respective grade record. This bureau collaborates with The Bureau of Non-Academic Administration in order to obtain ad¬ditional assessment result of the student achievement in intellectual and spiritual aspects. To boost the performance, this bureau applies academic information system that is integrated with other systems such as payment, library, student mentoring etc.

Directorate of Guidance and Counseling

This bureau is responsible for the management of all non-academic activities of the student. How¬ever, the non-academic activities are quite support¬ive for the development of academic quality of the student, because the comprehensive development of student quality is not confined to academic activities in the class. (For further detail of this bureau see Inte¬grated Boarding System University)

Bureau of General Administration

This Bureau is responsible for managing and or¬ganizing the overall administration of UNIDA Gontor i.e. financial administration, human resource development administration, and infrastructure. For gen¬eral administration, the bureau is responsible for pro¬cessing the accreditation of the university and all the departments as well as the related matters. For the administration of the lectures, the bureau manages the certification for lecturers and their academic grades like the preparation for promoting the lecturers professorship. This bureau has several sections which are: General section and Personnel, infrastructure, finance, business center, asset management, safety and occupational health, and Laziswaf.

Center for Islamization of Sciences

Being a university that has a vision of Islamization contemporary knowledge, University of Darussalam Gontor founded a Centre that responsible for designing, planning dan executing program of integration and Islamization of sciences for student from first until final semester. For that purpose the Centre occasionally hold intensive discussion with lecturers who are expert on various disciplines of sciences and those who are competent on various field of Islamic studies such as theology, philosophy, science of interpretation (tafsir), prophetic tradition (hadith) and Islamic jurisprudence. These series of discussions are steps of designing curriculum as well as evaluation of its application. At the first step the discussion is focussed on the exposition of basic Islamic concepts relevant to and required by various discipline of sciences. The next step the discussion is improved to the concept of knowledge and epistemology and followed by the history of science in Islam that related to students’ respective departments. Finally the discussion is directed towards students problems in facing the process of integration of Islamic and contemporary Western sciences