Universitas Darussalam Gontor


This department concentrates on the study of agricultural commodity, the concept of value-added, knowledge about process, management, economic value in the conversion from commodities to products by considering environmental aspects, knowledge about tools and machines for agricultural industry, and the ability to perform engineering process and system for new products. Being applied sciences, the technology for Agricultural Industry focuses on planning, designing, developing, and evaluating an integrated system (including human, material, information, equipment, and energy) in agro-industry activities to achieve the optimum performance. Therefore the department teach the students the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry/biochemistry, economics, principles and methodology for analysis and design. All those subjects is aimed to inculcate the students the ability to predict and evaluate the result obtained from an integrated system of agro-industry. In fact, this is a amalgamation of two disciplines i.e. technology of process and industrial technology, the formal object of which is utilization of agricultural products.


The distinctions and uniqueness of this department are that students may obtain an integrated knowledge of technology of agricultural industry (such as engineering and industrial management, process technology and bioprocess, and environmental technology) which are based on integrated and sustainable development of agriculture. In addition, students are also taught how to posit Islam as the basis for the development of technology of agricultural industry through the proccess of Islamization of contemporary sciences. In this model of boarding university system Islam is taught not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom that is specifically designed for education.

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"A person's behavior, character, and attitude to life are related to his faith in God. The higher a person's faith, the better his behavior, character and attitude in life"
Rector UNIDA Gontor