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A Selection of Outstanding Students 2020: Self-Test and Exploration of Potential

In the midst of this pandemic, Universitas Darussalam Gontor continues to move forward and work in synergy with the implementation of various academic and non-academic activities. On Wednesday, 7 October 2020, the first election for Pilmapres (A Selection of Outstanding Students) was held at the Main Building, Ponorogo. 29 student representatives from each study program attended the first selection stage. On this prestigious occasion, the Arabic Language Education Study Program sent two delegates, Naufal Akmal Syamari from the Central Campus and Zakiya Setyo Rahmawati from the Mantingan Campus.

The assessment process began with an assessment of the students’ GPAs, certificates, papers, and presentations. Each stage provides the students with an opportunity for meaningful learning. This valuable engagement serves as a forum for students of Universitas Darussalam Gontor to test their competence in formulating, designing, and implementing ideas. As stated by Al-Ustadz Sunan Autad, Lc, not only does this competition educate students, but they are also educated by their supervisors who transfer knowledge to them.

Additionally, this event also motivates students to continue improving their abilities within their fields of study. It encourages them to become vehicles which open horizons of knowledge and insights within various disciplines. Even though one might feel uncertain or insecure at times, a winning mentality should take precedence and transform into an awareness of wisdom, faith, and the desire to learn and develop oneself. 

Each study program has its own discoveries as well as new and brilliant ideas. Within these programs, students learn and develop new thought patterns and innovative insights. The learning that goes on is a small step towards shaping positive change in the future. As stated by the head of the 2021 Pilmapres committee, this event does not mark the end of the learning process.

Every student should recognize this and cultivate the desire to continue learning and developing themselves. The nature of ignorant people involves an overestimation of one’s abilities. Let us continue to progress, be eager to test ourselves, expand our abilities, and deepen the learning process. This way we can become a generation of rabbani, qur’ani who are useful and relied on in our religion, homeland, and nation. (Zakiya Setyo Rahmawati)

Editor: Riza Nurlaila, M.Pd / Reviewer: Muhammad Wahyudi, M.Pd

Translator: Trey Spadone / Reviewer: M. Taufiq Affandi, M.Sc.

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Taufiq Affandi

Taufiq Affandi

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