31st UNIDA Graduates ready to face the advancement of science in the global era

31st UNIDA Graduates ready to face the advancement of science in the global era

UNIDA Gontor – University of Darussalam Gontor held a senate meeting for the 31st Graduation of Graduate and Graduate Programs on Sunday morning, 27 Muharram 1440 which coincided with 7 October 2018. In this occasion, UNIDA inaugurated 71 male and female students. The majority of them are from the study programs which have just finished accreditation. Consequently, they recently obtained permission from Kopertais to inaugurate their students.

According to UNIDA Rector’s Decree concerning the graduation of undergraduate and graduate students in the academic year of 1439-1440 Hijriah, there are 7 study programs consisted of 22 students from International Relations Study Program, 23 Pharmacy students, 20 Management students, 4 students from Informatics Engineering, and one student from Agro-Industrial Technology. Meanwhile, there is one female student from Law of Islamic Economics Graduate Program as well as a female student from Arabic Language Teaching Graduate program.

In this graduation ceremony, UNIDA appreciated and awarded 3 outstanding students from undergraduate from namely Anugrah Suciati whose GPA 3.54 from Pharmacy, Rizal Adlan Mustafa from International Relations Study Program with 3.52 GPA, and the Leda Adha Dinas Haqque from the Pharmacy Study Program with 3.47 GPA. Meanwhile, from Postgraduate Program there is one outstanding student from Arabic Language Teaching namely Aat Muflihah. The awards were given based on a combination of GPA and AKPAM scores (Credits for Supporting Student Academic Activities). In addition, the best thesis of the undergraduate program was awarded to Leda Adha Dinas Haqque from Pharmacy Study Program. Meanwhile, the best thesis of the graduate program was awarded to Din Risda Arini from Arabic Language Teaching Department.

The Senate Meeting invited Rector of University of Sebelas Maret Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi, M.S. At that moment, he delivered a commencement speech under the theme “The Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Higher Education”. He hoped that UNIDA graduates of this academic year will not be dictated by misguided science. Instead, they will be able to dictate science to be on the right path.

Rizal Adlan Mustafa who serves as the representation of male and female graduates of UNIDA Gontor 31st Graduation delivered a speech which broke the atmosphere with mixed words consisted of sadness and excitement, making the graduates and lecturers cried recounting memories at UNIDA. Moreover, he also thanked and asked for apologies as well as expressed his hopes to the UNIDA lecturers, and the entire academic community. Especially for the golden generation who are still struggling on this campus, to welcome a bright future with scratches of golden ink to walk the path in reaching the world ”Lillahirobbi”. (fikrul, ryan Ed. Iqbal / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma)

OCTOBER 13, 2018



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