UNIDA Gontor Inaugurates 421 Graduates in the 30th Graduation Ceremony

UNIDA Gontor Inaugurates 421 Graduates in the 30th Graduation Ceremony

GONTORUNIDA Gontor held the 30th graduation ceremony at the Meeting Hall of Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution on Thursday (26/7). It inaugurated 421 male and female graduates from undergraduate and graduate programs. They are UNIDA Gontor students who have completed their thesis defense as a requirement to graduate.

In this graduation ceremony, UNIDA Gontor invited Indonesian Vice Minister of Finance, Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo, M.S.A. In his commencement speech, he delivered his expectation for pesantren in general and UNIDA Gontor in particular, to be able to support ummah and to serve as the center of economic development and subject of development. He also expected the graduates to continue the baton of Indonesia’s independence.

In this 30th graduation ceremony, Zainuri Adi S. from Department of Informatics Engineering received an award for The Best Thesis. His thesis on the development of Arabic language learning application is able to eliminate 4 other nominations. In addition, for the The Best Thesis of Graduate Program the award is given to Patimah from Department of Islamic Theology.

What is interesting in this graduation is one of the graduates’ father who attended this graduation ceremony by riding a bike as far as 450 km from Cilacap to Ponorogo. He is Nur Annisa’s father, Muhammad Juni from Cilacap. Cycling has become his hobby since a long time ago. There is no economic reason at all. His wife also attended the graduation soon afterwards by train.

Mr. Muhammad Juni wanted to deliver a special message to us through this action, “I do not have a car and I think riding motorcycle is common. I want to show to my daughter that if we are patient and have perseverance, we will definitely obtain good results although it feels hard at first. My daughter once asked to quit studying at pesantren, but I forbade her. Fortunately, she obeyed me and managed to graduate now”.

At the end of the event, K.H. Hasan Abdullah Sahal who serves as the Leader of Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution advised that the most important thing about having knowledge is its blessings. It is neither the high level of knowledge nor the number. We must be ready to become mundzirul qoum against liberalization and misguidance. Do not get dragged into lie and stupidity. [Fikrul / Ed. Wafi / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]

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