Undergraduate programs: 70% accredited by A or B

Undergraduate programs: 70% accredited by A or B

All UNIDA Gontor Undergraduate Programs have been accredited in which 70 percent of these programs obtained an A or B. “This is a huge gratitude,” said Rector of UNIDA Gontor, Prof. Dr. KH. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, (24/8). One of the ways to implement this gratitude is that UNIDA will hold inauguration for students from the new accredited programs in the near future.

Up to this point, there were 6 programs which obtained an A accreditation out of 21 programs at UNIDA Gontor, both undergraduate and graduate programs. Moreover, 8 programs obtained a B accreditation and 5 programs obtained a C. In addition, there are two graduate programs which are preparing for their first accreditation. The details are as follows:

Accreditation A

1. Aqidah and Islamic Thought (Undergraduate)

2. Quran Science and Interpretation (Undergraduate)

3. Comparative Study of Religions (Undergraduate)

4. Islamic Education (Undergraduate)

5. Arabic Language Teaching (Undergraduate)

6. Aqidah and Islamic Thought (Master)

Accreditation B

1. Nutrition (Undergraduate)

2. International Relations (Undergraduate)

3. Management (Undergraduate)

4. Islamic Economics (Undergraduate)

5. Occupational Safety and Health (D4)

6. Law of Islamic Economics (Undergraduate)

7. Comparative School of Law and Jurisprudence (Undergraduate)

8. Arabic Language Teaching (Master)

Accreditation C

1. Pharmacy (Undergraduate)

2. Agricultural Industrial Technology (Undergraduate)

3. Informatics Engineering (Undergraduate)

4. Agro-technology (Undergraduate)

5. Communication Science (Undergraduate)

Ongoing accreditation process

1. Aqidah and Islamic Thought (Doctor)

2. Law of Islamic Economics (Master)

Having obtained program accreditation, UNIDA Gontor will proceed to obtain university accreditation this year,” said Prof. Amal.

In addition, Prof. Amal also emphasised that UNIDA Gontor is focused on quality improvement, but did not ignore formality. He also emphasised that UNIDA Gontor is unique as a Pesantren University which implements an integrated education.

He added, “One of the uniqueness of UNIDA Gontor is that we have an ‘integrated student-assesment system’ in which all students’ activities are assessed. This uniqueness will also be conveyed later on the process of institutional accreditation. [Taufiq / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]

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