This faculty aims at producing the graduates who not only have broad knowledge on politics and communication but also have intellectual and emotional maturity, ethics, and religious piety. This characteristic is necessary, for there are numbers of problem arise from these two areas due to the lack of moral integrity, such as violent of Human rights, social oppression, or immoral politic and unjust communication. To that end, the Faculty of Humanities designed its curriculum by inculcating Islamic values into politics and communication. At this moment the Faculty has two departments, namely International Relations and Communication Sciences.


Faculty Personnel

Dean                                                                : Dr. Ahmad Hidayatullah Zarkasyi, M.A.

Vice Dean                                                       : Dr. Abdul Hafidz Zaid, M.A.

Head of department for International Relations : Rudi Candra, Lc., M.A.

Head of department for Communication sciences: Fery Indra Sukma, M.Sc.