New Students Admission of UNIDA Gontor

Registration will reopen on 15 April 2018

Full-timer New Students of Special Admission (Gontor Alumni 2017) are expected to attend the heregistration at Main Campus Siman (male students) or Mantingan Campus (female students) on 6-10 Shawwal. On 11 Shawwal, there will be attendance checking.

1. Submit 2 copies of legalized certificate and transcript from Senior High School
2. Submit photos with 3×4 (4 photos) and 4×6 (4 photos)
3. Police Record
4. Fill out the registration form
5. Fulfill the requirements which have been briefed at the registration period.
6. Register with the term and condition applied
Several departments are available specifically for male or female students. The details are as follows.

Undergraduate Program (Bachelor’s Degree)
1. Tarbiyah Faculty
a. Islamic Education Department (male & female)
b. Arabic Language Teaching Department (male & female)

2. Ushuluddin Faculty
a. Comparative Studies of Religion Department (male & female )
b. Aqeedah and Islamic Philosophy Department (male & female)
c. Alqur-an and Tafseer Department (male & female)

3. Sharia Faculty
a. Comparative School of Jurisprudence Department (male & female)
b. Islamic Economic Laws Department (male & female)

4. Faculty of Economics and Management
a. Islamic Economics Department (male & female)
b. Management Department (male & female)

5. Faculty of Humanities
a. International Relations Department (male & female)
b. Communication Science Department (male & female)

6. Faculty of Science and Technology
a. Informatics Engineering Department (male)
b. Agro-technology Department (male)
c. Agroindustrial Technology Department (male)

7. Faculty of Health Sciences
a. Pharmacy Department (female)
b. Nutrition Department (female)
c. Occupational Health and Safety Department (D4) (male)
Graduate Program (Master’s Degree)
a. Arabic Language Teaching Department (Male & Female)
b. Aqeedah and Philosophy Department (Male and Female)
c. Law of Islamic and Economics Department (Male and Female)
Graduate Program (Doctoral’s Degree)
Aqeedah and Islamic Philosophy Department (Male and Female)

Note: The information presented on this page is for undergraduate program registration. For registration information of graduate program (master’s and doctoral’s degrees) please contact
+62852 3159 1505 (Elisha)

There are two stages in the admission exam in UNIDA Gontor, namely:

1. Oral Examination stage. The materials cover:
a. Al-Qur’an with tajwid;
b. Amaliyah and qauliyah Ibadah consisting of prayers (salah practice), wudhu, tayamum, adzan, iqomah, memorization of Alqur’an short letters, daily prayesr, the prayer after Sunnah salah, etc.;
c. Arabic and English;
d. Psychological Tests;

2. Written Exam. The materials cover:
a. Arabic and English
b. For Islamic Studies Departments: Dirasah Islamiyah
c. For Science Departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
d. For Social Science Departments: General knowledge.
1. Registration is done directly at UNIDA Gontor Campus , not by mail or telephone
2. Fill out the registration form.
3. Submit the registration requirements and put them inside a folder, include:
• Copies of legalized SMA/MA certificate and transcript (2 copies)
• Photos with size 3 × 4 ( 4 photos ) and 4 × 6 (4 photos)
• Police Report (SKCK)
Note: Special Admission for New Students (Alumni Gontor 2017), Registration requirements are as follows:
1. Photos of size 3 × 4 and 4 × 6 (each consists of 4 photos).
2. Copy of birth certificate
3. Copy of family card
4. Copy of the letter devotion from Gontor

1. Student candidate fills out the data registration online.
2. Student candidate prints out the online data registration as a proof.
3. Student candidate prepares the data requirements based on the stated term and condition.
4. Student candidate submits the print-out data and all the requirement at UNIDA Gontor Campus.
Registration April 15th – May 25th, 2017/29 Sha’ban-18 Rajab June 30th –July 3rd or 4th 2017/ 6-10 Syawwal
Oral Exam April 15th-May 25th, 2017-29 Sha’ban /18 Rajab
June 30th –July 3rd or 4th 2017/ 6-10 Syawwal
Written Exam May 26th, 2017 11 Syawwal
Announcement of the students who passed (compulsory) May 29, 2017 14 Syawwal
Language Matriculation (Arabic & English)

Science (MAFIKIB) 1st and 2nd Semester 1st and 2nd Semester
Heregistration of New Students 6-10 Syawwal
Heregistration of Old Students 16-18 Syawwal
Readings of Campus’s Ethics Code 20 Syawwal
Pre-Students Orientation and Students Orientation 16-19 Syawwal

Beginning of 2015-2016 Academic Year 20 Syawwal
• Should there is a difference between the Hijra and BC Calendar, the correct date is based on the Hijra Calendar
• Schedule is subject to change at any time.
1. Registration fee (for those who pay at registration period)
1 Registration Administration Cost Rp. 250.000, –
2 Construction Cost Rp. 850.000, –
Total Rp. 1100.000 *

Students who stay during the registration period will be charged additional fee:
– Matriculation ProgramRp. 150.000, – *
– Meal allowance (per month) Rp. 310.000, – *

2. Heregistration (After students are accepted)
1 Cost of Registration and Students Orientation Committee 300,000
2 Almamater T-shirts and suits 230,000
3 Matriculation & Language Course 150.000
4 Meal cost for the first month 310,000
5 Dormitory & first month event 200,000
6 Fees for Exam, Journals, Magazines 175.000
7 Health treatment 145,000
8 Gontor magazine 270,000
9 Cupboard rental 100,000
10 Construction cost for UNIDA development 1,000,000
11 Bed providing 135,000
12 Tuition and practicum fees for the First Semester 2,850,000
TOTAL 5.865.000 million **
* Students who are not accepted are not allowed to ask for registration fee refund.
** Fees may change at any time

Tuition Fees at UNIDA Gontor are as follows.

1. Payment Each Month
1 Meal Fee (every month) Rp. 310,000
2 Program Fee and dormitory(every month) Rp. 350,000
Total Rp. 660,000

2. Payment for each semester
Fees Tuition and lab Rp. 2,850,000

Main Building 1st Floor, Room 105
Jalan Raya Siman Ponorogo Km 5, Siman Ponorogo, 63 471East Java.
Phone & Fax. 0352-488-182
Contact Person:
+62 853 3155 6625 (Saiful)

New Mesir Building Room 108
Gontor Modern Islamic Institute 1 (Pondok Modern Gontor Putri 1), Mantingan, Ngawi, 63 257, East Java
Phone./Fax 0351 673260 – Hp. 082257181224