UNIDA Gontor to develop digital learning for Arabic language

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UNIDA Gontor – Stepping into the digital world, UNIDA Gontor asserted the development of Arabic language learning by utilizing thousands of digital teaching materials of Arabic language. As one of the Islamic education institutions which is committed to Arabic language and its development, University of Darussalam Gontor always tries to keep up with the development of Arabic language and contribute to developing Arabic language learning. For that reason, Arabic Language Teaching department as a study program which concerns on developing Arabic language at UNIDA Gontor always seeks for the latest innovation in accordance with the times and technology.

One of the innovations is the implementation of cooperation through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saudi Electronic University regarding the digital learning of Arabic language. This collaboration is a tangible manifestation to develop a digital learning of Arabic language mediated by Ittihadu Mudarrisi al-Lughoh al-Arabiyah (IMLA) as a an organization comprising of professional Arabic teachers in Indonesia.

According to the Head of IMLA Prof Dr  Imam Asrori, M. Pd., this collaboration is a proud step for the development of Arabic language learning in Indonesia. It is because Saudi Electronic University has a digital Arabic program which has 796 interactive Arabic language learning videos, 12,000 mp3 files, and 6,320 images as well as thousands of practical Arabic language learning exercises.

In line with this, Rector of UNIDA Gontor, Prof. Dr. Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, MA, really appreciates this collaboration and hopes that this collaboration will further strengthen the Arabic language learning which has been implemented at UNIDA Gontor. He added, “Digital learning of Arabic language will benefit not only for PBA students but also for all UNIDA Gontor students.”

Since its establishment in 1963, UNIDA has asserted that Arabic language is one of the medium of instructions along with English as well as all theses or final assignments are to be written in Arabic. The MoU signing between UNIDA Gontor and Saudi Electronic University will be held at State University of Malang on Friday, 28 September 2018 and will be attended by Vice Rector III of UNIDA Gontor Dr. Abdul Hafidz Zaid, MA, a representative of the Head of PBA Department UNIDA Gontor Yoke Suryadarma, M.Pd.I, and a digital learning operator of Arabic language learning program Ahmad Kali Akbar, M.Pd.I.

Beside UNIDA Gontor, there will be about 45 state and private universities as well as Islamic Education institutions throughout Indonesia which will attend and participate in this MoU signing. This cooperation is expected to further strengthen Arabic language learning which already exists in Indonesia in general and both state and private universities as well as Islamic education institutions, specifically in accordance with technology developments in this millennial age. [Yoke / Ed. Taufiq / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]