Robert Mikac brings a peace mission

Robert Mikac brings a peace mission

UNIDA Gontor – The Faculty of Humanities and the International Relations Department held an International Public Lecture on Friday morning (14/9) in the auditorium of the University of Darussalam Gontor. The special guest at the event was Assistant Professor Robert Mikac, Ph.D., from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The theme of the public lecture was “Policy of the Government of Croatia in Peace Missions in Muslim Countries.

Robert Mikac delivered on several issues in his presentation, starting with the similarities between Croatia and Indonesia, the development of the Croatian government, the development of Muslims in Croatia, and on several unique and special aspects from the country, which is situated in Central Europe. His visit to University of Darussalam Gontor was to bring a peace mission to Islam-majority countries. He spoke on how this peace mission is a tool to create and maintain world peace.

Aside from serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb, he is a Commander of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia. In addition, he also served as an Independent Police Inspector at the Ministry of Interior, as the Head of National 112 Center, and as the Commander of the Military Police Company at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia.

After visiting the main campus of the university, he continued his visit to the campus for girls in Mantingan, Ngawi accompanied by the Head of the International Relations Department Ustadz Dr. Mohamad Latief, M.A.


[Fikrul / Ed. Iqbal / Trans. Eka & Nurrahma / Ed. Elie Doubleday]

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