Rector of IIU Islamabad to deliver keynote speech at AAUF Conference

Rector of IIU Islamabad to deliver keynote speech at AAUF Conference

We just received news that Rector of International Islamic University of Islamabad Pakistan is ready to deliver his keynote speech on the opening of the International Conference of Afro-Asian University Forum at UNIDA Gontor,” said Al-Ustadz Ahmad Saifullah, M, Pd., the Secretary of the Conference Committee.

As mentioned in the previous news, tens of universities from Asia and Africa continents which are members of Afro-Asian University Forum (AAUF) will visit UNIDA Gontor on 22-23 July 2018 to participate in the International Conference and to attend the AAUF Founders Board Meeting.

Being asked on the most interesting paper, Al-Ustadz Ahmad Saifulloh answered, “There is an interesting paper on the role of tasawuf and its relation to civilization development.”

The conference is scheduled to be opened at the Meeting Hall of Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution in the morning of 22 July 2018. “We invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Retno Marsudi to open the conference”, said Al-Ustadz Eko Nur Cahyo, M.A., the Head of the Conference Protocol. He added, “In the near future, we will get confirmation from the ministry.” [Taufiq / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]

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