Orientation Week Khutbatul ‘Arsy, New Faces of UNIDA at the Beginning of the Year

Orientation Week Khutbatul ‘Arsy, New Faces of UNIDA at the Beginning of the Year

UNIDA Gontor- University of Darussalam Gontor is one of the institutions of Modern Islamic Institution Darussalam Gontor, Ponorogo. This university is the result of the students’ and teachers’ effort. They were inspired by the “Trimurti” ideals as the founder of Modern Islamic Institution Darussalam. Its purposes are to establish useful, good quality and meaningful University for Indonesian Moslem. The university dedication is to strengthen the teaching and learning values which have to be implemented by the students and the teachers. Therefore, the main campus of UNIDA Gontor located in Siman, Ponorogo, held orientation week Khutbatul Arsy for the first time. It is a campus orientation agenda to instill the Islamic values of the university to the rectorate, the lecturers, the staff and also the students of UNIDA Gontor.

As the chairman of Khutbatul Arsy committee, Ahmad Rofiq Nashuha, mentioned that Khutbatul Arsy could maximize the students’ potential for they were demanded to learn how to hold a big event to perform marches, arts and music performances which involve all the students. He added “On the D-day there would be march/drill performance as in the Presidential Palace and it was similar with Modern Islamic Boarding School in the previous year”. The drill would be hold based on the study program levels. There would be winner announcement of the best drill judged by the juries. Meanwhile, this event also coincided with 72nd Indonesia Independence Day, on August 17th, 2017. It was a precious moment for all students to always remember the heroes who died fighting for independence and to do positive activities in this Islamic university.

In this year Khutbatul ‘Arsy, there were a lot performances. According to Muhammad Akbar Rahmadi, the chairman of Khutbatul ‘Arsy of Annual Ceremony and Performance Division, there were traditional performances, such as: Reog Ponorogo, Maulo Dance, and some martial arts. Khutbatul ‘Arsy as the representations of the students’ goodwill for one year ahead which actualized in historical and meaningful performance with a noble and diversity values of Indonesia.

Hopefully the Orientation Week Khutbatul ‘Arsy of Darussalam Gontor University can refresh and motivate UNIDA’s students, particularly Islamic University values to celebrate the 72nd Indonesia Independence Day. [Abdullah]

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