Mrs. Susi: “363 Vessels Have Been Sunk”

Mrs. Susi: “363 Vessels Have Been Sunk”

Gontor – “A total of 363 foreign vessels were managed to be sunk into the Natuna sea,” said Indonesian Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti during Public Lecture at Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution on Tuesday (7/31/2018).

This was her second official visit serving as speaker in a public lecture at University of Darussalam Gontor after her appointment as an Indonesian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs back in November 2016.

Here in University of Darussalam Gontor there are several faculties and insya Allah there will be Faculty of Marine and Fisheries. Mrs. Susi will serve as a lecturer at UNIDA and teaches here. We will grant her a professor degree of Lillahi Ta’ala, said KH. Hasan Abdullah Sahal.

KH. Hasan added, “The santri and I agree that whoever the president is, Mrs. Susi must remain as the Minister of Marine and Fisheries.

Several ministers, for instance Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Retno Marsudi, and now Minister of Marine and Fisheries Mrs. Puji Astuti are familiar to us, especially Mrs. Susi whose son was a santri here for one year. Alhamdulillah he was a witness in studying here and she frequently stayed here for several times before becoming a Minister. We are so grateful that Mrs. Susi comes here again.”

In her speech, Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti conveyed the marine concept of Indonesia having vast ocean as the world’s largest Maritime country. She said, “It has been described by Kyai about marine, so I will explain it lightly. The main task of Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (KKP) is to maintain the sovereignty of marine resources covering fish, oil, and gas in which 71% of Indonesia is sea territory yet in the last 20 years we have not been able to give welfare to our nation. Bombing and drowning the illegal vessels do not mean that the Minister is a cowboy. Rather, it is my duty. Alhamdulillah Indonesia, especially KPP has a strict law to sink illegal vessels which roam ​​Indonesian’s ocean. Recently Indonesia is considered as a country which has the most frightening oceans in the world.”

Further, she also explained that the crime of fish stealing is not only a matter of fish stealing itself, but it is a track crime. It has been several times that KKP and Indonesian Navy found out ships carrying illegal goods such as textiles, electronics and drugs, and even those who forcefully employed minor from Myanmar. Fortunately, we managed to release them.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Susi Pudjiastuti hand over Tuna as many as 5 tons to Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution. It is expected that the fish is able to be consumed by all santri and ustadz in order to enhance their intelligence.

At the end of her speech, she also accepted cooperation offering with Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution. “Gontor is welcome to cooperate with us. I know well that Gontor is far from the sea, so it has nothing to do with the sea. However, Gontor is a part of institutions that support the development of this nation. It must have a new orientation, philosophy of learning, teaching, empowerment efforts, and be able to support and work from and for the sea.”

She added, “So, we need to establish the Faculty of Marine at Gontor Poso Campus which is close to the sea and here we should establish Faculty of Fisheries.”[Iqbal / Yan / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]

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