MORA holds training on cooparative enterprise for Islamic Boarding Schools at UNIDA Gontor

MORA holds training on cooparative enterprise for Islamic Boarding Schools at UNIDA Gontor

UNIDA GONTOR – 30 participants from 30 provinces representing leaders of Islamic boarding schools throughout Indonesia participated in the Substantive Technical Training on cooperative enterprise for Islamic Boarding Schools at the Hall of University of Darussalam (UNIDA) Gontor Hotel. This activity was organised by the Ministry of Religion Affairs (MORA) of the Republic of Indonesia from Saturday to Tuesday, (1-4/9).

Head of Training Center of Indonesian Ministry of Religion Affairs, Efa Ainul Falah, M.A. remarked in his speech that this training aims to Islamic boarding schools throughout Indonesia which have the competence in developing pesantren, especially their cooperative enterprise.

He said, “Although the training in Gontor were only held for a few days, we are already confident to be called as Gontor students since we have obtained the knowledge from Gontor and are already consumed Gontor water”.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector II UNIDA Gontor AlUstadz Dr. Setiawan Bin Lahuri, M.A. said in his remarks that even though those who are in charge of the pesantren business units were only students and that there is no direct relationship between their study programs and the business units, but it is not a problem. Gontor cultivates these entrepreneurial spirits of all santri and students. He hoped that what is seen and felt by the participants and trained by the trainers can be useful to develop their own pesantren.

This event was opened by AlUstadz K.H. Syamsul Hadi Abdan who serves as the leader of Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Institution (PMDG). He delivered speech with the theme “Quality of Islamic Boarding Schools”. Five spirits of Gontor namely sincerity, simplicity, self-reliance, ukhuwah Islamiyah, and freedom are the values in which Gontor used to educate all students. These spirits have been used by Gontor since its establishment until now and forever. Therefore, the values cannot be changed no matter who the leader is.

For the next 4 days, all the training participants will get some materials in the classroom such as Building Entrepreneurship Education in pesantren, Curriculum and Learning Design of Pesantren, Business Entities of Koperasi in Pesantren, Economic Potential Development and Koperasi in Pesantren as well as internship material with the theme Development of Business Entities, Business Partnership Network and Excellent Services of cooperative Members.

From the materials given, the participants did not only obtain basic knowledge related to the management of cooparative enterprise but also a visit to observe the production activities accompanied by instructors from relevant staffs and supervised by business unit officials.

The training participants previously received brief public lecture on profile and history of business units as well as production activities and development of business units. Hopefully, the knowledge gained from this training can be applied in all Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. [Atika / Ed. Wafi / Trans. Eka / Ed. Nurrahma]

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